Welcome to St Mary’s Cathedral



Masses are currently being held at 10AM every day at the Cathedral. If you want to go to Sunday 10AM Mass at the Cathedral, you must book a place at this telephone number: 07745542661. You must also book a place for Sunday 11AM Mass at St Francis’ or Saturday 6PM Mass at St Clare’s. You can only book between 9AM and 12 Noon on the Friday before. For Masses on any other day at the Cathedral, you are not required to book. Additionally, the Lady Chapel will reopen on the 12th September, for 3PM Saturday Masses. The Livestreams of Mass will still be available.

Feast Days



Monday, 28th September: Feria

Tuesday, 29th September: SS Michael, Gabriel & Raphael, Archbishops

Wednesday, 30th September: St Jerome

Thursday, 1st October: St Theresa of the Child Jesus

Friday, 2nd October: Holy Guardian Angels

Saturday, 3rd October: Feria


Who are we?

We are Catholics who have in common, belief in Jesus, who came into our world to reveal His Father’s love for each one of us and show us the way to live.
We gather together to pray and proclaim our Faith. Mass is at the centre of our community life.
With God’s help, we strive to build a community that is supportive, inclusive and welcoming to all.


There are two Primary Schools providing primary education for the Cathedral parish.

St Gerard’s, Hemlington Tel: 01642 591820
St. Augustine’s, Coulby Newham Tel: 01642 599001

For Secondary and College level, Catholic Education.

Trinity Catholic College Tel: 01642 298100

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How can I get involved?

You are very welcome to all our services and activities, but most of all to Sunday mass. This is the most important day for us when we come together as a family in God. It is a chance to give thanks for the week that has been and find strength for the week ahead.

At the l0 am Mass on Sunday our Children’s Liturgy Group leads activities for children during part of our Mass and we have coffee in our Hall afterwards.
If you have been away from the Church for any reason, we would like to extend the hand of friendship to you and offer any assistance we can.

Other opportunities

We have a prayer evening on a Monday at  7.15pm for one hour with exposition and  Benediction.
As a Parish, we endeavour to reach out to those in need locally and throughout the world. Our justice and Peace Group is very active in coordinating this work.
There are also opportunities to be involved with Hospitality, Fund Raising, Welcoming, Reading, Choir, Altar Servers, Flowers and Cleaning.

Helpful Information


The Sacrament of baptism is Celebrated regularly at the cathedral. There is a short course of 3 evenings over 3 weeks for parents before the celebration. Begin by making yourself known to the priests and completing a baptism form, which can be obtained in the cathedral shop.

Holy Communion

We run a first Holy Communion program in partnership with our schools, beginning in Primary School year 3, with the celebration in year 4. Attendance of a Catholic school is not a requisite requirement.

Becoming Catholic

For those wanting to know more about the Catholic faith or becoming Catholic themselves, there is a Journey in Faith group each year organised by our priest.


To arrange a marriage, contact parish secretary, Judy Coates, on 01642 597750, on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9am and midday.

General Enquiries

For enquiries regarding baptisms and weddings, or to make an appointment with a priest, or to book a room at the Cathedral, or for general enquiries about parish, please contact the parish secretary, Judy Coates, on 01642 597750, on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9am and midday.