The Cathedral Church

The layout of the nave provides generous circulation space behind and around the fixed seating. Apart from facilitating processions and giving easy access and freedom of movement, especially for the handicapped, this allows for a good deal of adaptability and flexibility in the internal arrangement of the church, such as the provision of extra seating.

In addition two special V shaped multi purpose open spaces, elevated from and projecting into the seating area, are provided. These may be used either liturgically, during the Easter Vigil and at Christmas for example, or functionally, such as to provide a place with good visibility for the handicapped.

These areas are surrounded by rails incorporating ecclesiastical and civic coats of arms incised in glass panels The ecclesiastical coat of arms include those of Bishop Lacy, Bishop Shine, Bishop Brunner, Bishop Harris, Bishop Wheeler, Bishop O’Brien, Bishop Crowley, and the present Bishop of Middlesbrough Terence Patrick Drainey. The civic areas represented, in addition to Middlesbrough, are the City of Kingston-upon-Hull, the City of York, the Town of Scarborough and the Counties of Cleveland, North Yorkshire and North Humberside, all of which are served by the diocese.