Fr Albert’s Reflection – 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time

We must be Salt and Light. Salt adds flavour, while light illuminates. Both salt and light should be there for others, not for oneself: salt does not give flavour to itself and light does not illuminate itself. Jesus here is referring to the quality of life, or goodness, that flows from within me. My goodness must never be self-serving. It should never be a put-on thing in which I seek to bring glory to myself. The greatest danger facing us Christians today is that we can totally become absorbed by the world and the crowd around us. We become no different from other people, so we become tasteless and darkness. The true follower of Christ must have something special to offer, some light to shed, some flavour to add, some hope to bring. If not, then she or he is not only redundant but also useless. We all know what is done with useless things. For how long can Salt and Light last without running out if we continue to give of ourselves relentlessly? That’s where the power of God comes in. We become Salt and Light to the World as a gift that is given to us by God through Baptism. This is a gift that never ends. One may not be able to become a massive beacon of light, but if one has even a little goodness, and try to be true to it, then one can at least be a humble candle which sheds precious light in its own immediate vicinity