Fr Richard’s Reflection – 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Have you ever reflected on the parable of the Good Samaritan from the innkeeper’s perspective? Why did Our Lord include this character into the story? Perhaps he wanted to teach us the importance of witnessing the charity of others.

Imagine the innkeeper’s reaction seeing a Samaritan man, a foreigner, arrive with the beaten man bandaged up and treated. He would have witnessed first-hand the care, love, and attention the Samaritan would have given the man. This would have inspired and strengthened him to take on the care of the man when the Samaritan said: “Look after him…”

There are many people in our own community who do heroic things for their neighbour, even if they be a stranger. Just like the innkeeper, may we be given the gift of recognising charity when we see it, being moved by it, and then letting holy charity be our outward clothing as well.