Fr Richard’s reflection: 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Our struggle against sin is a challenging one. Although as the Lord’s faithful we strive to be like Him, we are also fallen human beings who have a weakness, an inclination, to go against God’s law. Today’s world throws at us a whole range of temptations that we have to enter into spiritual battle with.

To help us throw off “the sin that clings so easily” which allows us to continue running in the race towards everlasting happiness, today’s second reading commends to us the “many witnesses in a great cloud on every side of us”. The saints throughout every age who are now high in glory all fought against temptation. They teach us to have courage and to not be disheartened when we struggle, particularly when it comes to habitual sins. Their lives are testimonies of opening ourselves to God’s grace, in order that we may reject vice and embrace virtue.

The saints teach us to seek the Lord’s forgiveness and healing by approaching the Sacrament of Confession with humility. The great 19th century Italian priest, Saint John Bosco, said: “Do you want to become saints? Here is the secret: confession is the lock; confidence in your confessor is the key. This is how you open heaven’s gates.”