Mgr Gerard’s Announcement – 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Our temporary Mass schedule continues this week and for the rest of July. This Sunday we re-open St Francis Church on the Sunday for the 10.30am Mass. We are only able to accommodate 45 places so you need to book your place.

You will need to book a place for Mass at both Churches as we are limited to 100 places at St Mary’s Cathedral and 45 places at St Francis. To do this you can telephone FRIDAY ONLY 9AM – 12 MIDDAY 01642 597750.or email your request:

Please note that you can, however, arrive for any weekday Mass at the Cathedral without booking. All the usual procedures must be adhered to, and please remember that the obligation to come to Mass is still suspended for the Sunday, and we continue to live stream our Mass at 10am every day.

You will need to wear a face covering at Mass and due to the test and trace system we will require your name and contact details for this purpose only.

Also, every Saturday after the 12 midday Mass at the CATHEDRAL ONLY there will be confessions available.

Finally, it is important to know that we are not back to normal, we are trying to work within all the guidelines to help people with their faith and spiritual well being.

From the Bible society:

“The role the Church is playing in dealing with the impact of Covid-19 is a wonderful testimony to the love and compassion of God. This is what it means to be salt and light. Even so, there is an urgent need for church leaders to prepare Christians for the challenges and opportunities that are coming. In the decade ahead there is no question that the Church will have a critical role in addressing poverty issues such as housing, hunger, debt, welfare and despair. As the pandemic has shown, the Church is well placed in civil society to meet these challenges. The Covid-19 crisis has affected every aspect of society and has made people re-evaluate what is truly important to them. However, we must keep in mind that though the crisis has been terrible, it has paved the way for a fresh opportunity. It is up to the church to foster the sense of togetherness and care for one another which has been so powerful throughout lockdown, and in doing so point towards God.”

We now have no Mass requests, so if you would like Mass to be said please fill in the Mass request envelopes and hand them into Monsignor Gerard.

God Bless. Mgr Gerard, Mgr Dasey, Rev Ken.