Mgr Gerard’s Announcement – 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time

You will need to book a place for Mass at all our Churches on a Saturday/Sunday St Mary’s Cathedral (Sunday at 10am), St Francis (Sunday 11am), St Clare’s (Saturday 6pm). To do this you can telephone on our NEW NUMBER ON


Tel: 07745542661 OR EMAIL:

Please note that you can, however, arrive for any weekday Mass at the Cathedral without booking, however we will require your name and contact details due to the Government requirements of Test and Trace.

All the usual procedures must be adhered to, and please remember that the obligation to come to Mass is still suspended for the Sunday, and we continue to live stream our Mass at 10am every day.

  • You must wear a face covering at all Public Masses, and due to the test and trace system we will require your name and contact details for this purpose only.
  • Every Saturday after the 10am Mass at the CATHEDRAL ONLY there will be confessions available.
  • Mass at the Lady Chapel re-starts on Saturday 12th September at a new time of 3pm. There is no requirement to book for the 3pm Mass at the Lady Chapel, but again you will be asked for your contact details.
  • For St Francis and St Clare’s parishioners, there is a letter from Dr Paddy O’Neill on the website, with a huge thank you as we come to “an end of an era” for the many years that you have supported, through the parish Justice and Peace Group, the Ethiopia Medical fund, and more recently the support to Dr Giovanni Cecchini’s projects in Tanzania. What has been achieved by the parish is remarkable, and I am sure as new projects come to the fore, we will also rise to the occasion. Obviously, due to the current pandemic and Covid- 19 guidelines, we are unable to continue any form of fundraising for the foreseeable future.
  • Piety Shop. We are now able to re-open our Piety shop at the Cathedral and St Francis. It will operate every Sunday half hour before Mass and is on a one in one out basis, so no more than one person can be in the shop/stall area.
  • Benediction with Vespers. We are delighted to announce the return of our Wednesday service of Benediction with Vespers. Take time out to join us online for a moment of peace and reflection. These lovely prayerful services are filled with beautiful music from our Cathedral Consort, Cantors and professional string Ensemble with Fr Bill Charlton at the organ. For the time being it is not possible for us to have a congregation, so they will be live streamed each Wednesday at 5.30pm on our Youtube channel, GO TO THE WEBSITE TO GO ONLINE.
  • Thank you to all those who have been sending in money, your envelopes during the lockdown period and other donations. All gratefully received.
  • Finally, a special thank you to all our stewards, without you we could not have our Mass. Thank you for your support and care.

God Bless, Keep Safe: Mgr Gerard, Mgr Dasey.