Mgr Gerard’s reflection – 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time

In the Gospel Jesus calls for witnesses, that is, people who are nor afraid to be seen to be followers of his out there in the midst of a sceptical and sometimes hostile world. Fear is one of the things that keeps Christians from a bold and generous witnessing to the gospel. We should not be afraid to show our faith. Faith is not a comforting illusion that all is well. It means that life is full of risk, full of insecurity, but we can also rejoice in this, because this is the essence of faith. God watches over us, gives us strength and hope especially in times of difficulty and danger.

This weekend the Cathedral Church is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 12 midday – 3pm with exposition. l would love more volunteers who are under 70 with no health issues to help with the cleaning and stewarding during the time the Church is open. As you find in supermarkets and other places, there are strict rules upon entering and I hope you understand the logistics of how things will work. I will also be looking for volunteers for St Francis Church. There is a risk assessment for this on the websites. If you are able to help please contact me: 01642 597750

Finally, we have some funding from the SVP to provide food parcels for families affected by the long lockdown due to Covid. If we can help by providing these for you ring: 07885599810 or 01642 597750 and we will arrange to get this to you safely.

For the Feast of Fun this year as we will not be able to hold the usual activities and hot meals, we plan to supply activity packs and food parcels to help families in these challenging times. If this would help or you know of a family who would benefit through this summer, please contact: 07885599810 to register asap. God Bless and Keep safe.