Mgr Gerard’s reflection – 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Gospel today calls for persistence in prayer. It would be sad if we only pray to God in time of difficulty or when confronted with a problem and ignore him the rest of the time. Prayer should become second nature to us. Normally we don’t skip meals so also no day should go by without raising our hearts and minds to the one who made us even if its only for a few minutes a day.

Some people give up prayer when they don’t get what they want. Others give up on God when he unexpectedly takes someone away from them. Have we ever been tempted to do the same when we felt hard done to by God?

In one of the Sunday prefaces we say, “In him we live and move and have our being” so we know who is in charge of things both up there and down here. Prayer is a journey into love. Loving God and neighbour without any depth would be an uphill struggle.

You can pray anywhere – before you get out of bed, waiting for a bus, walking the dog. As long as we take time out of each day to pray then we will be constantly connected to God our Father.