Mgr Gerard’s reflection: 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

The truly humble don’t pretend to know everything. They are aware of their limitations and they give respect for everyone. Jesus himself suggests that humility is linked with the way in which we treat other people. So he is actually posing a challenge here to all of us. The word humility is from the Latin word humus meaning ground so a humble person is one with their feet on the ground, a realist who is unpretentious, unassuming, self-accepting. Interestingly in contrast hypocrisy is associated with stage acting so a hypocrite is a pretender, a person who acts a part, wears a mask and puts on an external show. In today’s gospel Jesus calls us to turn from the play acting of hypocrisy and turn to authentic humility. If you want your humanity to reach it’s richest expression then live humbly.