Mgr Gerard’s reflection – 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Today Jesus reminds us that the choice to follow him is the most radical decision we could take in our life. It touches us far more deeply than, for example, the decision to join a political party or to emigrate or to get married. Jesus must be important to us and if we don’t realise that or if we hesitate to affirm it then we are not keeping our baptismal promises.

If we think we can be true disciples of Jesus by going to Mass occasionally, saying the odd prayer, maybe even wearing a cross and making occasional donations to charity whilst remaining radically selfish and easily going along with the norms and patterns of our secular society then we deceive ourselves and our great need is to be shaken out of our spiritual complacency and be truly converted. Setting out in the race as a believer is one thing, crossing the line at the finish is quite another