Mgr Gerard’s reflection – 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

In today’s gospel Jesus uses a rather unusual parable about a steward’s sharp practise to make a point about our relationship with God. In telling this parable Jesus isn’t condoning improper behaviour but rather he uses it to stress the importance of taking decisive action when decisive action is needed. The steward hadn’t been doing his job properly and so faced the sack but when his future security was on the line he acted quickly. He didn’t hesitate – he saw he needed to act and he did. It must be the same with our spiritual life. Our relationship with God is of paramount importance in our life but we can easily neglect it and allow it to drift along or we can get distracted by other things, become dishonest and fall into bad habits. If we neglect our relationship with God, if our spiritual future is threatened, then we need to act as quickly and decisively as that astute steward. We need to be as clever at safeguarding our spiritual future and the salvation of our souls as the clever people of this world are when their financial future is in peril.