Mgr Gerard’s reflection – 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time

The opening line of the gospel makes it clear that this parable is a lesson about persevering in prayer. The parable involves the conflict between two stock characters. The widow stands for the most vulnerable kind of people in Israelite society – with no husband to ensure their rights widows were at the mercy of others. The rather important judge who neither fears God nor listens to public opinion isn’t going to allow a defenceless woman like her to get the better of him – or at least that’s what he thinks. In the last line of todays gospel something of a reverse takes place. The main character of the parable was an earthly judge but not a very good one at that. Another judge is coming – the Son of Man who will be even more searching than even the most stringent earthly judge. Perseverance in prayer is the key to everything. If I persevere love and trust and patience all grow, and God becomes more real. God is leading us, loving us and the Spirit prays for us when we do not know what to say. So, as the example the widow shows in today’s gospel – have courage, trust and pray.