Mgr Gerard’s reflection – 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Our Gospel this weekend really does show the character of John the Baptist. He has spent months, maybe years, encouraging people to listen to him, follow him, to be part of his group. People like him, they like what he has to say and are impressed by what he does. It was good to be part of his group even if it was challenging and demanding. And then someone else comes along and John the Baptist actively encourages the people who have been following him to leave him and go with this other person. Yet John the Baptist does just this. He sees Jesus, recognises him for who he is, the Messiah, and immediately withdraws. John is not concerned with popularity. He is not interested in being the centre of attention. John the Baptist has dedicated his life to preparing for the arrival of Jesus Christ and now it is time for him to ‘decrease’ so that Jesus can ‘increase’. His friends trust John enough to leave him and follow Jesus. But whatever was said and done in that time together, it was enough for all of them to understand this was no ordinary man. This was indeed the Messiah.