Mgr Gerard’s reflection – 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Looking around us in the world we live in you must surely be aware of the horrors, the violence, the lack of respect of human beings and God’s creation continues to be an ongoing presence which is hard to ignore even if we are not immediately involved. It is always interesting to read about heroic responses by ordinary people that stand up for those caught up in such difficulties such as things related in the first reading this weekend (2 Maccabees 7). Seven sons and their mother to stand against being forced to break the law. Their mother urged them to remain faithful at all costs. One son in particular is mentioned who cried out, “Heaven gave me these limbs; for the sake of his laws I disdain them; from him I hope to receive them again.” This also reminds us of all those who have died for what they believe in on this Remembrance Sunday. We remember all who died in the wars in our country fighting for peace. We remember those martyrs who died for their faith and we remember those who have also died in helping those on the edges of society, the lost and unloved in caring and supporting them. We will always be judged by our loving God on how we have loved our neighbour, cared for our world and loved God. Consider that phrase, “Where your treasure is, your heart is also.”