Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – 3rd Sunday of Lent

: Firstly, thank you for all the well wishes. I am improving but I am still suffering from asthmatic problems, so I am still not back at work. This weekend we hear in the gospel of the Samaritan who met Jesus at the well and their meeting changed her life forever. Her life was in a shambles having had five husbands, potentially working on her sixth, and yet Jesus’ eyes don’t criticize or condemn. His gaze invited her to say words that released hurt and loneliness in the woman and those words brought some healing and restoration to her. Most of us have learned to adopt an “I can do it myself” attitude and we often find it difficult to tell others we need their help. In today’s world we hurt inside, we too often put on a plastic smile, one that says we’re at peace but actually we’re not. Caring people are there to get inside our worlds and see beyond our masks. They break down the hiding places we have built brick by brick. We need people like this in our lives who are there to build bridges and share our problems. People who have that attitude help things get better. It’s time to lift our head and see who is waiting to see into our eyes. Today can also be a new healing for us if we open our heart to someone. In this time in which we live with coronavirus and isolation it is even more important that we care and share. Lent challenges us to measure our willingness to care even if it’s a simple phone call to make sure people are ok. That’s the Christian thing to do.