Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (World Youth Day)

Diocese of Middlesbrough Group arrives at the John Paul II Field, Panama City, for the World Youth Day Vigil on Saturday (Picture: Rev. Peter Taylor)

This week a small group of young people, accompanied by Fr. Phil Cunnah and the Bishop, have journeyed to Panama for World Youth Day 2019. This is a wonderful occasion where young people from all over the world journey to a particular place, this time in Panama, to pray together, to become friends together and learn of each other’s churches and cultures.

I have been following the journey on Twitter and it’s been great to see our young people grow deeper in their faith and hear such great catechesis. There has been some great advice given to our young people in catechesis. One bishop asked young people to keep close to your rosary. Another said ‘those who pray learn to listen’. The Pope, this weekend, will give his message to our young people and I’m sure they will look forward to this wonderful visit. The kindness of the people of Panama has been amazing, so much good which is all part of the joy of the Gospel.

Indeed today congratulations were given to Bishop Terence on his 11th anniversary of being Bishop of Middlesbrough. In our Gospel we hear Jesus quote a passage from Isaiah “The spirit of the Lord has been given to me, for he has anointed me. He has sent me to bring the good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives… This text is being fulfilled today even as you listen.” Fulfilled in Panama, fulfilled in this parish, fulfilled all over the world