Mgr Gerard’s reflection – 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

One of the most common responses to the call to be evangelisers is that we are not ready, prepared or worthy. That may be true, but worthiness is not part of the gospel’s demand. In fact, to be aware of our frailties and weaknesses is a key dimension of our spiritual journey. It helps us stay humble with our feet on the ground. The gospel speaks of the sudden invitation to come follow Jesus and become fishers of people. The call may come out of the blue and of course we don’t feel ready or prepared and we can have too many excuses to put off what God’s will may be expecting of us. I am sure the fishermen, Peter, Andrew, James and John, when asked to follow Christ, could have come up with many, many excuses but they took the risk and their mission was to capture the hearts and minds of people. We are all asked to do the same. We cannot be part-time Catholics. To follow Christ is a lifestyle change and we show example by the way we live our life and how we look after brothers and sisters. It’s through how we live our life in this world that people will want to be part of who we are and what we are about. Such was the lives of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist and the apostles. Proclaiming the good news, healing and teaching. We pray we may have the courage to respond to the needs of this world with Jesus’ love and compassion.