Mgr Gerard’s reflection – 4th Sunday of Advent

The birth of the baby we’re about to celebrate is like no other birth because he was like no other baby. Yes, the child was special because through the power of the Holy Spirit he was born to Mary, a young girl, but he was also special because of his life because he was Emmanuel which means God is with us. God comes to share our life so that we could be saved from sin and death and this amazing wonderful story just has to be told over and over again each Christmas. Just like your own family traditions of Christmas, the stories we tell every year, the decorations we hang, the foods we eat and gestures we make all remind us who we are and what we value the most. So it is in the Christian community, we gather together in church to hear about Jesus, who he was, why he came. We remember that he shows us the human face of God’s love, saves us from sin and offers us a share in the divine life. So this wonderful story needs to be told again and again because each time we hear it we come a little closer to the source that is God with us. We are changed by hearing, by believing, by responding in gratitude to what God has done and reaching out to love one another.