Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – 5th Sunday of Lent

How are you doing? It is interesting when we are suddenly confined to our homes how difficult it is to surrender ourselves to what is being asked of us. However, it is all for our own good and protection. I hope you are coping and have managed to put some structure into your days. Just to remind you that we are live streaming daily Mass at 10am everyday and this week we will also be praying the rosary on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3pm.If you have a computer you can go to the Diocese of Middlesbrough website and click on the link for live steam Mass. This will be the same link for the rosary too. All our Priests are well and we celebrate Mass daily for the above intentions. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. This week we have three funeral Services, Michael O’Brien, Margaret McGeown and Eileen Anderson, may they rest in peace. There is just one more week before we begin Holy Week. In our Gospel today, Jesus releases Lazarus from his tomb, he tells others to untie him of his linen bandages. We are all called to share in the redemptive work of Jesus. Jesus calls us as he called Lazarus: but the difference between now and then is that the voice of the Lord speaks to us through the voice of others. I am sure this week we have all had a friendly phone call and even a neighbour putting a message through the letterbox encouraging us to call if there is anything we need. Jesus, through the work of others, is always helping and supporting us, particularly through these difficult times. He does not want us to be entombed, trapped, bound together. It is through each other that we will survive this as stronger disciples of Christ, don’t give up! God Bless Mgr. Gerard, Mgr. Dasey and Fr Albert.