Mgr Gerard’s reflection – Baptism of the Lord

We are called to grow in wisdom and grace. It took Jesus thirty years to reach maturity and to acquire wisdom. It will take us a lifetime to grow to maturity and to ripen as human beings and children of God. The Feast of the Baptism of Jesus reminds us of our own baptism and provides us with an opportunity to commit ourselves to the Christian life which essentially is a life of service. There are many people that understand this but there are sadly many that don’t. We are not called to save the world or to solve the problem, nevertheless each of us has our own unique calling in our families, in our work, in our world. We need God’s help to be faithful to that call. Faithfulness for everyday tasks is our way of responding to the problems of our time and participation in the work of Jesus. Baptism is like the planting of the seed. It will take a lifetime for this seed to grow and ripen.