Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – Easter Sunday

Easter reminds us that there is hope, that people are good, that faith is still there and that faith is personal and nobody can take our faith away from us, not even Covid-19. It is a reminder that, as Archbishop Tutu said, “Every act of kindness enhances the quality of life”.

Easter says there is hope despite the fear and despair.

Easter says that love is pulling us out of our tombs of despair.

Easter helps us to recognise the love of God in the person who cares for us.

Listen to the prayer in today’s Mass: ”Let our celebration today raise us up and renew our lives by the Spirit.” Look what is told to us in the Exsultet : ”This is the night that dispels all evil…the night that brings mourners joy…the night when heaven is wedded to earth and when we are reconciled with God”.

Easter reminds us to roll away the stones and rocks that seal our hopes and dreams in the tombs of despair and cynicism. We must try to be Easter people, people of faith, people of love, people of hope demonstrating our actions of our belief in Jesus Christ.

This past week, I gathered all the many Eggs that we had at all of our Churches and have donated them to a food bank that will distribute them to many children who would not get an Easter Egg this year. Thank you for so many donations of Eggs, and I know they will be well received. I hope you are ok and safe, isolation is not always an easy situation to be in, and also not being able to come to Church, but I hope you are able to receive the live stream every day at 10am. Happy Easter and God Bless You all.