Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – Sixth Sunday of Easter

The message is very simple this week, if we love Christ we will listen to his words and try to put them into practice in our lives. Often, we think we are good simply because we are not conscious of doing any great evil. But what about the things we fail to do?

At the end of our life, we will be judged not on our fear of hell or hope of heaven, but on active Christian love.

On a different note, there are now opportunities to have a Mass celebrated by one of the Priest’s please send in your Mass request to me here at the Cathedral (the address is at the top of the newsletter) and we can get your Mass celebrated in the new few weeks.

Also, many people have asked what they are to do regarding the collection and the envelopes. My advice is to hang onto your envelopes or money and when we are back open, then that can be brought to the Church, but not to worry at the moment.

We also must be aware of the bigger picture, we need to consider the local foodbanks, many people in our area are going hungry, there is a reliance on the community’s support to ensure that food is still donated. You can check this site that can give updated information on foodbanks, giving items urgently needed, and you can also give a cash donation:

Give help by donating money, big or small, every gift helps transform lives

I am also aware that CAFOD have launched an emergency appeal and again you can check out their website for info: