Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – Fourth Sunday of Easter

Jesus the Good Shepherd is a beautiful Symbol. The reading from John urges us to follow the voice of this Shepherd for our own protection, that we may be nurtured in safe pastures. In the world we live in today, it can be difficult to follow the Good Shepherd’s voice, as there are hundreds of other “shepherds” calling our names, wanting our attention and needing our support. We are offered a happier life through more money, more possessions and we believe that they can solve all our problems… but eventually we know that is not true!

In the midst of the confusing clamour of voices today, the voice of the Good Shepherd beckons us with his vision. He is the “way, truth and the life”. It is especially important during this pandemic to listen to the Good Shepherd, pray to him to keep us all safe.

These are challenging times so we seek God with all our hearts.

We pray for the sick in our communities, for their families, for health care workers, and for leaders who are diligently working to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Together, we are checking on our neighbours, “attending “ Mass on line, and living as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We pray for each other, and I hope you pray for all Priests and our Bishop during these trying times because this is really hard on all of us as we encounter challenges that Priests have not seen since 1918.

God bless you all. We miss you. If you have a computer don’t forget our livestream Mass every day at 10am and rosary on a Mon, Wed & Fri at 3pm. On your computer google in: diocese of Middlesbrough YouTube Keep Safe.