Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – Palm Sunday

What an interesting Holy Week this is going to be for all of us. We are in some ways in unchartered waters, but through this week’s journey to the Cross familiar territory. It has been a crazy few weeks, our Lent has certainly been interesting, and whether we have given in, given up on Lent, we find ourselves at the beginning of Holy Week, and what a week it will be for you and me and Jesus Christ. Jesus week, gets off to a good start with a hero’s welcome – coats, palm branches spread in his path. Messiah! Several days later, their cheers turn to jeers. Crucify him! Suddenly the crowds turn on him, wanting him dead. Not at all loyal, not really friends. But then look closely at Jesus’ “real friends”. In a matter of hours, Jesus enjoys time with his disciples. He dips his hand in the same bowl with the man who’ll betray him with a kiss. Jesus washes the feet of Peter, James and John, who won’t even stay awake to pray with him. In the courtyard, while Jesus is being mistreated, Peter hears a cock crow and denies knowing his friend. At this time of isolation, dealing with a pandemic, there is no better way than to contemplate the passion of Jesus, as we take up our crosses, the very real burdens of our own lives and walk through these days with Jesus.

What weigh us down at this moment in our lives?

What are my fears?

How can I take up this cross in such a way as to lighten the burden of someone else?

The gospel is about all of us who have followed Jesus this Lent, struggling to draw closer to him. The closer we are to him, the more we will live in his life. But, we are all capable of betraying him, and we all have reasons for repentance.