Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – Pentecost Sunday

Today is the feast of Pentecost, Jesus offers us the help we need to keep trying. He sends us out to proclaim the good news of God’s incredible love, but we do not go alone. “Receive the Holy Spirit,” he says. From this day forward, we will never walk alone. The Christian messenger does not simply bring Christ to others, but identifies the Christ who is already there. Where there is goodness, there is forgiveness, it is his forgiveness. We show people where Christ is already at work in their midst, and in this way, as working with the Holy Spirit, we build up the body of Christ.

In the next weeks newsletter, I will be informing you of the action plan that I am currently working on to open the Cathedral Church in Middlesbrough towards the end of June, as directed by the Government., and the Bishops of England and Wales. There are very strict guidelines that must be followed, like cleaning requirements each time a Church is opened, sanitisers, having very definite signage etc. At the moment, and in agreement with the Bishop, I am looking at opening the Cathedral for private prayer only, and next week I will be explaining how that could work.

Finally, Fr Albert will be leaving us on the 10th June. He is taking up an appointment as the Priest in Charge of Bridlington. The current Parish Priest, Fr John Wood was involved in a serious accident before the New Year, and has now retired. The Parish needs a Priest and the Bishop has asked Fr Albert to move earlier than usual to prepare the Church for possible reopening. We wish him well as he moves back to the coastal area of our diocese, and thank him for his brief time with us since October 2019. God Bless You all, and stay safe.