Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – Second Sunday of Easter

What matters more than being filled with the occasional fear and doubt is that we can accept how we feel. When we accept our feelings instead of denying them and criticising ourselves for having them, we are able to move on through these feelings.

We’re not paralysed by them and stuck in our tracks. We are alive with our options about how we will proceed. Thomas was afraid and couldn’t believe his eyes and yet he did not let this stop him from taking a step from doubt and fear to faith. Seeing is believing to Thomas.

He reaches out to touch Jesus’ hands and his side as invited by Jesus who no doubt knew Thomas well, and as he does, he is moved to profess My Lord and My God!

Doubting Thomas became a believer. What counts is that we too move through doubt and fear to what we dare to believe. The story of doubting Thomas brings home to us just how fragile the human container in which the gift of faith is carried. At this moment, trying to live with the pandemic, faith is tested and doubt does raise its head in all forms.

We must live in the light of faith rather than in the darkness of doubt. We must be people of courage and of hope, believing that things will be better and life will move forward. Let our prayer today be “O God, I do believe. Help my unbelief.”