Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – Third Sunday of Easter

The story of the journey to Emmaus is essentially a story about heart. As the two disciples made their way homewards, they were talking about Jesus. He had filled their lives with meaning, hope and joy, but now they felt haunted by his absence since his crucifixion.

It was when Jesus joined them on their journey that he then opened up the word of God to them, showing how it was foretold that the Christ should suffer and so enter into his glory.

The Emmaus story gives us a model of how we can relate to Christ. We bring our everyday experience, our hopes and our disappointments and fears before God in prayer.

We pour out our hearts, holding nothing back, telling God exactly how we feel. Then we ponder God’s word, proclaimed in the liturgy, spoken to us through others, and in scriptures we read them ourselves. Perhaps something stirs within us as we sense the presence of Christ in us.

We then walk with people as they journey, listening to them, helping them, encouraging them and being a witness to our faith. The main thing that comes across to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus is that Jesus loved them. It is that what made their hearts burn. The story shows the goodness of God which is to be shouted out from the rooftops.

God bless you all. We miss you. If you have a computer don’t forget our livestream Mass every day at 10am and rosary on a Mon, Wed & Fri at 3pm. Go to the parish or diocese of Middlesbrough website to see the link. Keep Safe!