Mgr Gerard’s Reflection – Trinity Sunday

Today is Trinity Sunday. We think of God as our Father, a Father who loves us deeply. We think of Jesus, the Son of God as our Brother. He leads us to the father’s house. We think of the Holy Spirit as the one who helps us to live like Jesus, and who binds us together as brothers and sisters in a community of love.

Last week I mentioned about the reopening of our Churches. At the moment the government and the Religious task force are talking of possible dates but it will purely be for private prayer. I am currently working on opening the Cathedral Church only, not St Care’s and not St Francis. There are very strict guidelines that must be followed, l need volunteers who are under 70 with no health issues to help with the cleaning requirements each time a Church is opened, stewarding, being in attendance during the time the Church is open. I am also currently working on signage, the type you find in supermarkets and having a way in and a way our with sanitizers in place for all who attend. This involves a lot of work, people and costs, so that is why I am only looking at opening one Church. I hope those in St Clare’s and St Francis understand this situation.

I would be grateful of any young volunteers to help each week at the Cathedral, and if you are able, please contact me: 01642 597750. I am looking to have a meeting in two weeks time to meet all volunteers so far who have agreed to help to talk/walk through what we will need to do, I will put a date together next weekend.

Finally, we have some funding from the SVP to provide food parcels and craft bags for families affected by the long lockdown due to Covid. If we can help by providing these for you in any other way ring: 07885599810 or 01642 597750 and we will arrange to get this to you safely. God Bless You all, and stay safe.