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Childrens' Liturgy Group LogoThe Children’s Liturgy takes place during 10am Mass every Sunday during term time. Our Aim is for children to receive the Word of God at a level of understanding for their age and to discover its meaning in their lives whilst giving parents/carers the opportunity to remain in the church and hear the Word of God.

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What age groups should attend these sessions and do parents need to accompany their children?

Children’s liturgy is made up of two groups, Angels (below 5 years) and Saints (up to the age of preparation for First Holy Communion).

As the children enter into Year 4 and begin preparing for their Holy Communion, it is expected that they no longer attend Children’s Liturgy but remain in the main body of the church to learn the format of the Mass.

Please be assured that the Children’s Liturgy leaders all have safeguarding checks and are happy to look after your children during this time.  It is encouraged that children are left with the leaders to allow the children to enjoy the group and make friends.  If however if you feel it is appropriate to be with your child please come along until your child becomes settled.

We would like to request that children under the age of 2 years do not attend the children’s liturgy group as this could disrupt other children.


Where should children gather and how should they proceed to the hall from the church?

Children should go directly to the front of the church and gather by the steps of the sanctuary when called by the priest at the beginning of mass, the priest will provide the greeting and introduce the theme for the Liturgy session.


What is the format for the liturgy sessions?

The children will leave the church and gather in the hall The group leader will introduce the theme and encourage interaction with the children, the sessions are designed to be fun whilst introducing children to important aspects of the Gospel message through prayer, discussion, music and practical activities.

Just before the end, the leader will ask the children to complete their activity and listen to the closing prayer.  With the final sign of the Cross, children quietly line up to return to church.


For further information:

If you wish to discuss Children’s Liturgy or would like additional information please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Children’s Liturgy Team or one of the clergy.