How many times can a priest say Mass in a day?

The Church has never obliged her priests to celebrate Mass every day, for centuries she has encouraged daily celebration of Mass but she has never insisted that a priest must celebrate Mass every day. The Mass as we know it is first and foremost the sacrifice of Christ Our Lord, the offering of Himself to the Father for the salvation of mankind. Because this is so, the Church encourages us to celebrate Mass daily and to attend such celebrations. She does not permit priests to celebrate Mass more than once a day except for certain special instances. We can certainly say that it is not in accordance with either the mind or the discipline of the Church to say more than one Mass a day apart from special occasions, Sundays and Days of Obligation.

It is possible for permission to be given due to a shortage of priests for the celebration of Mass twice a weekday, but mere convenience is not sufficient reason especially when it is possible to attend one celebration. (cf. Canon 904,905).


How many times can I receive Holy Communion in one day?

In Canon 917 of the Code of Canon Law it says that it is possible to receive Holy Communion ‘again’ on one day provided this takes place during the celebration of Mass. This means that receiving Holy Communion must be seen as an integral part of the Mass at which one participates. The discipline of the Church therefore excludes a second reception of Holy Communion outside Mass except in the case of Viaticum (for the dying).


Lay Ministers of Holy Communion

On the recommendation of their parish priest men and women after study and instruction may be commissioned to:

  • Assist with the distribution of Holy Communion under one or both kinds at Mass; and if there is need
  • Take Communion to the sick and housebound and
  • Expose the Blessed Sacrament for periods of Exposition

Formation Days for Lay Ministers and Days of Commissioning are organised annually by the Diocesan Liturgy Commission.  All enquiries to the Liturgy Office at the Curial Office.  Curial Office telephone: 01642 850505.


First Holy Communion

Preparations for First Holy Communion begin September 2014.  For children that are not at one of the two catholic primary schools in the parish please contact Monsignor Gerard